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Currently living and working in Shanghai, Martin has been building R&D organizations in Asia Pacific for more than 6 years. He spent his first 5 years in China building an innovation center from the ground up. Finding, hiring and developing talent in China, India and Southeast Asia has been critical to his success in the region, and a practiced skill that he continues to develop today.


MDaffner-casualAfter creating Avery Dennison’s Asia Pacific Innovation Center in Shanghai, Martin found a new challenge with TE Connectivity. He now leads the Asia Pacific Research and Development organization for TE Connectivity’s Telecom Networks business, focusing on Fiber Optic Networks and their deployment across Asia.


Martin started his Product Development career with Procter & Gamble, spending nearly a decade learning the trade from one of the world’s best New Product Development companies. In 2001, Martin moved to Los Angeles to take a position as R&D Director with Avery Dennison in their Office Products Division. Shortly thereafter, Martin moved to the Netherlands to take on the role of Global Director for the companies Graphics Media Products Division.


Working with that leadership team to turn the Division into a profitable and growing business left Martin with a clear awareness of the value of diversity in innovation and the importance of integrating culture and leadership styles into the innovation process. In 2006, Martin left the Netherlands to take on the task of building a new innovation center in China. Tackling this cultural and leadership challenge turned out to be the most exciting, rewarding, and impactful phase of his career. After 5 years of focused effort, Martin handed the leadership to the local team he had created and took on a new challenge with a new organization in China.


Martin is a business innovation coach and the proprietor of  New Asia Innovation, a global commerce meeting place designed to foster sharing information about business innovation across Asia-based global business communities.


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