Innobrix flat out makes companies better. We can streamline your process, improve your product creation, and develop and maintain a lasting and valuable relationship with your customers. Lofty promises? More like soon-to-be fulfilled goals.

We’re not your standard consultant. In fact, we offer two EXCLUSIVE business innovation services that your competitors won’t be able to keep up with:


Service Focused Innovation (SFI): A unique model that uses Service Dominant logic (SDL) to help businesses bring innovative ideas to their customers and partners. Innobrix’s founder Martin Daffner has spearheaded efforts to find patterns in how innovations in the service sector go from idea to market and eventually revenue. Partnering with the International Society of Service Innovation Professionals, he’s co-developing an exclusive Services Innovation Maturity Model. In short, he knows how to get exciting new ideas from one end to the other in the services environment.

Collaboration Innovation Capability: A model Innobrix uses to help businesses effectively collaborate within their team so they can better innovate. It’s a groundbreaking way to actually measure, manage, and track collaboration. Your business innovation will be more focused than ever.


Companies and organizations today must be ahead of the curve (See, there are those sayings again), especially with global, online competition and consumers changing habits and interests all the time.

We think it’s essential to always be moving forward, with product ideas, business innovations and more. Our consulting will ensure that you have the tools you need to be out in front of your industry, building customer relationships and anchoring yourself within the community and beyond. Innobrix will move you forward. Get in touch with us today to join the ride.


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