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While the focus on innovation in Asia has certainly increased, there is still an element of mystery and a general ambiguity regarding the practice of innovation in business. To address this gap and support the Emerge Innovation mission, we partner with non-profit organizations, local governments, and professional organizations to create opportunities and forums to drive innovation awareness and understanding. Our Innovation Awareness partnerships seek to:


  • Demystify Innovation – There are a lot of myths that surround innovation and drive a perception that keeps some from taking the first step. Removing these barriers allows us to help bring more entrepreneurs and innovators into the marketplace.
  • Share Lessons Learned – We all learn more through our failures than most of our successes, and yet sharing failures in a business context is often quite unpopular. We provide a forum to enable these discussions in a manner that doesn’t impact business perception or results.
  • Drive Engagement – Getting both small businesses and larger firms involved will be the key to supporting Asia in becoming a global innovation powerhouse. These forums allow us to broaden our reach and touch far more firms and business leaders.


We are constantly seeking partnership with organizations and firms that can help us bring our innovation message to local businesses in Asia Pacific. Our speaker series and workshops are designed to be quite interactive and are proven to be engaging and entertaining for our audience. We are also very interested in and would welcome any discussion on partnering to help achieve these goals.


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