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The importance of innovation as a core driver of business value has increased to the point where few CEOs would disagree. Unfortunately, most companies are not able to create, scale and sustain an innovation capability that consistently delivers significant business impact. With nearly a decade of experience driving innovation business results for a variety of Fortune 500 firms in Asia, we have developed an award winning* approach that’s proven to deliver. Our capability development strategy has been built upon the following principles:


  1. Everyone Loves to Innovate – Innovation is actually quite fun, and innovation programs have been proven to drive employee satisfaction and retention when correctly implemented.
  2. Every Organization is Unique – While there are many off-the-shelf tools available today to help assess and improve your organization’s innovation skill, there is not a “one size fits all” innovation program or assessment tool that provides reliable results. Each organization has its unique goals, culture and management processes. An innovation capability development program must take these factors into account and be specifically designed to leverage these elements.
  3. We Need to Have a Target – Successful innovation programs have clear business goals and targets that everyone can understand and rally behind. Asking our organization and teams to innovate against specific objectives and market needs generates far greater returns.
  4. Invest in our Expertise – Innovation is like any other key business capability. If we want to excel, we must view this core competency as we do our other strategic advantages, and foster continuous improvement in our innovation skills and thought leadership.


These four elements form the foundation for our approach to building your firm’s innovation capability. We start by spending time with your senior leaders to understand the firm’s innovation objectives, the organization’s culture, and management processes used to drive the results your firm is currently delivering. Only then can we develop the unique innovation capability assessment tool and maturity model to support the development of a scalable and sustainable innovation capability for your firm.


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* Innobrix was Chief Innovation Architect of the Cisco Systems program that received the HBR/McKinsey M-Prize for “Innovating Innovation”


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